Payment, Price & Security

SECURITY has an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, which you can verify by clicking on the address bar, where you will notice that it starts with https://. This ensures that all information you use on our website is encrypted and no one else can access it.

You can also confirm it with the padlock before the address, which guarantees the site's security and identity.


Ahiri currently has the following payment methods:

Ahiri Unique Codes/ E-Gift Cards

Visa ®

Visa Debit ®

Mastercard ®

American Express Amex ®



Ahiri will charge the card in the local currency that corresponds to North America, CAD, or USD, Based on the location of the IP from which the payment is made.

The value will be charged to the User's card in USD for payments outside of North America. You can make such purchases to be delivered in North America (Canada and the United States).

For each order, you must pay the retail value of the selected items, the taxes the order generates in the place of destination and the shipping charges that apply.

As we care about your security, Ahiri reserves the right to decline, refuse or cancel any transaction deemed by the company or its payment processing partner to be fraudulent.


Prices will be visible on our website, and the currency displayed will be based on the geographic location of the IP and its equivalence; Ahiri does not make any currency conversion charges; to verify costs associated with this service, you should contact your card provider.

Our prices may change without prior notice and can be modified and adjusted according to the criteria established by the company.

Taxes & Duties:

Ahiri, in alliance with Taxjar, will charge you for the reasonable shipping charges corresponding to:

Canada (Federal and Provincial Tax)

United States (Federal and State Tax)

According to the Ip, the values will be shown in the corresponding currency CAD (Canada), USD (United States), and taxes will be deducted in compliance with the guidelines established by the Country, Province/State, as applicable.

Prices on category or product pages do not include taxes; these will be generated at checkout.

Any purchase using Ahiri Unique Codes/ E-Gift Cards as payment method will be subject to payment of taxes and will be charged accordingly and based on the guidelines set forth by Country, Province,/ State.


Ahiri is committed to transparency which is why our discounts will be subject to compliance on the dates established and will be timely informed by the company and in strict compliance with the policies mentioned below:

A. They are not cumulative among themselves.

B. They will only be applicable on the established dates.

C. Subject to availability.

D. Ahiri reserves the right to decline any transaction that appears to the company or its payment processing partner to be suspicious and or fraudulent.

E. During any store wide sales period only the promo codes specific to the sale period will be active and all other promo codes will remain temporarily inactive.


Shipping charges will be applied according to the company's policies and may be adjusted to multiple factors, such as location and transit time.